Providing Needed Capital for Community Development


Florida's NeighborWorks organizations partner with public and private funders, lenders, nonprofit practitioners and resident leaders to leverage both financial investments and human capital to create community change.


During FY 2015, NeighborWorks America invested $3,262,775 in Florida's member organizations. This investment ultimately yielded a total statewide investment of $136,418,818 when combined with other private, philanthropic and public investments. This represents a 43:1 leveraging of funds!


Most importantly, as these investments are being made, one third of the board members at each of Florida's 12 NeighborWorks local organizations are comprised of community residents -- whose passion and ideas for change are not only heard, but are critical to the success of every project. 


To learn more about how NeighborWorks organizations are making a positive impact statewide, view our FY 2015 Impact Infographic.