Developing Affordable Housing


Florida's NeighborWorks organizations partner with public and private funders, lenders and nonprofit practioners to create high-quality, affordable housing solutions across our great state...from our urban cores to our rural communities, we work to offer Florida families a wide array of affordable options that they can be proud to call 'home.'  Our members specialize in local soutions that include:


  • Single-family home sales, rentals, owner-occupied repairs and/or rehabilitation;

  • Mulit-family home (i.e. apartment, townhomes, etc.) rentals, owner-occupied repairs and/or rehabilitation. 


During FY 2015, the strategies implemented by Florida's 12 local NeighborWorks organizations collectively improved the state's affordable housing options in the following ways:


  • 3,500 housing units (single and multi-family) were owned or managed by local NeighborWorks organizations.

  • 3,887additional owner-occupied and rental properties were improved through basic repair work.

  • 270 homeowners received assistance that significantly rehabilitated or presevred their homes. 


To learn more about how NeighborWorks organizations are making a positive impact statewide, view our FY 2015 Impact Infographic.