Frequently Asked Questions

 01  What is the NeighborWorks Florida Collaborative?

The NeighborWorks Florida Collaborative is a statewide association comprised of Florida's 12 local NeighborWorks Chartered Member organizations.  We exist to complement the resources and amplify the reach of our members as they work throughout our great state to:


  • Foster sustainable home ownership;

  • Develop affordable housing; and

  • Provide needed capital to build strong, thriving communities.


The NeighborWorks Florida Collaborative is proudly supported by NeighborWorks America -- an organization deeply committed to driving and sustaining positive change in communities across our state and around the country. 




 02  What is NeighborWorks America?

NeighborWorks America is a national nonprofit organization which leads a network of more than 240 of the best community development organizations in the country by developing resources, building skills and promoting best practices in the fields of housing and community revitalization.  Learn more at:




 03  What does the NeighborWorks Florida Collaborative do? 

Position Florida's NeighborWorks organizations as the strong, trusted and reliable entities they are. 

We spread the word about the incredible important work our member organizations engage in every day to empower Florida families through housing-related programs, assist Florida businesses solve housing-related challeneges and help Florida communities tackle tough issues. 


Forge public and private sector partnerships that enhance our collective capacity to drive lasting change. 

We connect with groups across Florida (corporations, nonprofits,foundations, government, etc.) that share our members' commitment to community revitalization and we identify opportunities to leverage resources that help our members' sustainability and efficacy. 


Give voice to good policy ideas that can make housing more affordable and communities more vibrant. 

We advocate for effective housing and community development solutions, and serve as a resource to Florida's elected officials and policymakers. 




 04  What is NeighborWorks impact in Florida? 

NeighborWorks America invested $3,262,775 in Florida's member organizations in FY 2015 -- yielding a total investment of $136,418,818 when combined with other private, philanthropic and public investments.


This incredible investment positively impacted 16,928 Florida households in need of affordable housing assistance last year.  But the impact extends even further.  To see more, view our FY 2015 Impact Infographic




 05  How can I get involved?

We would love to talk with you about connecting to the great work NeighborWorks is doing in the Sunshine State! 

Please contact us at your convenience at either:  (813) 231-4362, Ext. 326 or